Natural Lice Treatment

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A lot of products may promise you quick solutions for the natural lice that you have or they may promise you fast results but there’s a catch. The prices are absurdly high. If you have noticed that by now, don’t worry because there are actually ways around that. The best way around that is using […]

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Treatment for Lice

Getting rid of head lice is easy. Though it is a fact that this infection easily becomes contagious, this can be cured easily. Causes of lice are almost everywhere same as its treatment. Treatment for lice is available in almost every convenient store. There are also available lice treatment at home which you can use […]


Causes of Lice

Lice do not fly, they can crawl very fast and it can be transferred though head to head contact or sometimes the nymphs or the newly hatched lice can be blown away thru wind. The most common causes are as follows: Head to head contact. Head lice infection can easily spread on household. Especially those […]


Pictures of Head Lice

Smallest creature but it has different forms. It has six (6) legs with real big tummy. Usually crawls in your hear. HEAD LICE. Yes, head lice comes in different colors and sizes. Some are brown, some are black and some are reddish. You can see below multiple pictures of head lice in close angle. Pictures […]


Treatment for Lice Videos

Here is a proven way to get rid of those lice. this is not an endorsement. you can use any alternative products you see fit.

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